Never give up on your pet, look at other ways to give them quality of life.

If you care for an older, injured or disabled pet there are solutions for you.

A wheelchair, accessories or other aids will allow them to be mobile again, ready to play & get exercise for a more happy & meaningful life.

Pets, especially dogs, lose the use of their legs for several reasons - accident, old age, slipped disc, cancer or degenerative conditions such as hip dysplasia or degenerative myelopathy.

The wheelchairs are available to fit pets such as dogs, cats, giant rabbits, lambs & goats - weighing between 3 - 70kg. If your pet weighs heavier than 70kg please let us know as the chairs are adjustable.

All equipment comes with a 5 year guarantee & available from the U.K.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Debs on

The proof is in the photos above - these wonderful dogs still have an amazing life thanks to their owners & these amazing animal aids.

The Front Pet Carrier is ideal for puppies that have not received all their initial injections yet you want to socialise them. Due to the lengthy process of time required between injections it's still important to remember to socialise your puppy as much as possible. Another situation where the FRONT PET CARRIER is useful is if you have an injured, very nervous or elderly pet, allowing them to enjoy the fresh air at a pace that suits you both. The Carrier is also very useful if you are on a long walk with a larger dog & your small dog gets tied easy then this is perfect. Features of the Front Pet Carrier include Padding on the front & back to ensure your pet sits in comfort. The sides & part of the front (black area) has Air Holes so your pet does not overheat. An Internal Safety Clip so your pet is nice & secure. Side Zips on both sides to make it easier to get your pet inside. Comfortable Straps for you to wear with a Small Pocket located at the back, this pocket is padded so you also remain comfortable. The straps have the facility for alteration to make them longer or shorter.

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