Drying & Cooling Towel

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1 Towel £8

2 Towels £12

Size: 66cm x 43cm

Please Note:

•  The towel is to be used to help your dog cool down if necessary but will not prevent your dog from overheating in extreme hot weather conditions. Its recommended you keep your dog indoors in a cool place in these conditions.


•  Perfect for helping dry your wet dog, cat & even your horse.

•  Made from a synthetic chamois & acts like a sponge due to its super absorbency.

•  Helps remove dirt & soaks up excess water from your pets fur.

•  Ideal for situations in preparation for a car journey &/or the home environment.

•  Perfect for all year round use & can be used time & time again


•  Ideal fabric due to its absorbency to help reduce your pets temperature by placing the soaking wet chamois over his/her body or neck.

•  Ensure the towel is wet at all times – once it shows signs of drying please put more water on it.

Important Directions For Use

DO NOT throw the plastic container away as its required for storing your towel.

If you do not store in the container provided (or any other plastic container) the towel will dry out & become very stiff – do not try to pull open whilst dry, wet it first,

On first use wash the towel in warm soapy water.

Rinse in clean water & wring the towel out well.

When using the towel for drying its more efficient when slightly damp.

When using the towel for cooling ensure you put extra water on so it gives the desired cooling effect.

After use, rinse in clean water, wring out & store damp in the original container.

If the material dries out & becomes rigid simply put water on it.

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