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Safe to Shake Waterproof Dachshund Suit Safe to Shake Indoor Drying Dog Coat Safe to Shake Sighthound Coats Safe to Shake Full Leg Waterproof Dog Suit Safe to Shake Detachable Legs Dog Suit Indoor Drying Dog Coat Safe to Shake Lightweight Waterproof Dog Coat Safe to Shake Giant Lightweight Dog Coat Safe to Shake Giant Collared Dog Coat Safe to Shake Cooling Dog Coat Sighthound Coat Full Leg Waterproof Suit Dachshund Waterproof Suit Detachable Legs Dog Suit Giant Lightweight Coat Giant Collared Coat Lightweight Dog Coat Cooling Dog Coat

Safe to Shake sell a wide variety of dog coats including an Indoor Drying coat, Dog Coats for particular breeds,

Walking Suits for extra protection from the elements & a Cooling Coat.

All dog coats have been designed by Safe to Shake & have features that help to make walking your dog the pleasure it should be.

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